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Would you like to have the ultimate shopping experience, without having to spend anything? If your answer is positive, keep reading and we’ll show you how. Now, you may be wondering what’s the deal and how is this possible, so in this post, we’ll prove to you that it is possible and that this method we’re about to show you is legit and safe. So let’s move on.

How to get a free QVC gift card

Before we begin, we’d like to ensure you that this method is tested and proven by many people and it’s 100% safe. Getting your free QVC gift card is done with a few simple steps, which won’t require much of your time. All of this is possible with the help of our generator, used for receiving the gift card codes. First, select one of the gift cards with various amounts, ranging from 50% OFF up to $100. After you make your choice, a generator will start and then you’ll need to complete an important step – verification, which is used to prevent people from abusing our generator and using bots that wouldn’t allow other people to get their free QVC gift cards. The verification process is completely free and can be done very quickly. Depending on your location, you’ll get one of the tasks that you need to complete, including downloading a free game or filling out a survey. In case this verification isn’t available, this is due to the very high demand for QVC gift cards, so just repeat the process several times and you’ll get your free QVC gift card without a doubt. 

QVC gift card generator

100$ OFF

$100 OFF Your Next Checkout

75% OFF

75% OFF Your Next Checkout

50% OFF

50% OFF Your Next Checkout

How to use QVC gift card

Next, we’ll show you how to use QVC gift card, so you can start ordering now! There are several ways to redeem your QVC gift card; either online, by phone (for those items seen on-air), on the QVC website, or the QVC smartphone app. Once you receive your gift card code and place your order (using the website, smartphone app, or automated ordering using the phone) simply provide your QVC gift card code number as a method of payment, and your gift card balance will be deducted. In case your purchase amount exceeds your current QVC gift card balance, you’ll need to pay the remainder with another method of your choice. 

How to check QVC gift card balance

If you’re wondering what’s your remaining balance on your QVC gift card, you can check it at any given moment. First, create an account on the QVC website and go to the “my account” page where you’ll be able to review all your past transactions and the current balance of your gift card. Another way to check your balance is by contacting their customer service at 888-345-5788. 

About QVC

If you’re wondering what is QVC, here is the answer. QVC (short for Quality, Value, Convenience) is an American electronic retailer company, selling a huge variety of items including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, housewares, electronics, and more. QVC is founded in 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and it sells its products through cable and satellite TV, its website, outlet centers, and retail stores. QVC has combined the potential of the internet, cable TV, telephone, and more into one “information superhighway” as they call it, which allows them to sell their products through multiple channels. This company has over 11 000 employees and it operates in many countries, including the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, and China.


Is this gift card free?

Absolutely! You don’t have to pay anything, all you need to do is complete the verification (see the steps above).

Can I add more funds to a QVC gift card?

Once you redeem your QVC gift card, you won’t be able to add more funds to it.

Can my QVC gift card expire?

No, QVC gift cards don’t have an expiration date, and can be used as long as there is a balance remaining.

QVC Gift Card

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